Thursday, May 10, 2012

New York Purchases

Yes they are (I hope I did not forget something haha):
my New York purchases

Ja das sind sie (ich hoffe ich habe nichts vergessen haha):
meine New York Einkäufe

All Saints Jeans

Moschino Scarf

Walter Baker Coat

New Shoes, from left to right, top to bottom
blue loop flipflops, Sam Edelman Sneakers, UGG Boots, 
Havaianas, Milly Moccasins,Tommy Hilfiger Pumps

Scull Scarfs

Scull Bracelets

Cross and LightBulb Necklace

Scull Shirt

Victoria's Secret Underwear

Abercrombie Sweater and Cardigans

Fendi Sunglasses


  1. wow great shopping!!!! follow you, pls follow back if you like my blog



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